At RISK, we are the mavericks of the gaming and wagering industry, where taking bold chances is our core philosophy. In an arena where digital entertainment and betting merge, we’re the trailblazers venturing into the unexplored. Our mission is to forge ahead with...


prije 4 dana all superheroes out there looking for attractive work opportunities in tourism and hospitality! Is it you? As a Senior Account manager, you will be a part of Partner Services, and your main tasks will be managing the team of Account Managers, acquiring new partners,... 


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 ...Attention to all superheroes out there looking for attractive work opportunities in tourism and hospitality! As a Junior Account Manager, you will be part of the Partner Support Team and your main tasks will be the acquisition of new partners, taking actions to increase... 


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 ...Angular 12, RxJS, and SCSS, to work on the design system and have excellent support from the top design, QA, DevOps, and project management team. In addition, you would have the strong support of our Angular team, consisting of 5 developers, and a long-term opportunity... 


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 ...analytical skills to identify potential leads and understand customer needs Experience using CRM software and other tools to manage leads and track performance metrics Self-motivated and target-oriented, with the ability to work independently and as part of... 


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 ...from around the world. ~ Remote work possibility : Balance is the key to our success! We give you the ability and flexibility to manage your own work and personal life, through a mix of office, remote and semi-remote opportunities. ~ Vacation counts! Whether you plan... 

Inspiration Commerce Group GmbH

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 ...newbuild and retrofit / conversion projects. You will be required to apply extensive piping design principles with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and have strong communication skills to coordinate with other departments. Responsibilities:... 

Effective Human Resources

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