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An associate with associate title for the position of assistant in the area of social sciences, academic...

Faculty of Law, University of Split

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must fulfil the conditions prescribed by the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act ( (National Gazette, further referred to as Narodne novine ), no. 123/2003, 105/2004, 174/2004, 46/2007, 45/2009, 63/2011, 94/2013, 139/2013, 101/2014, 60...
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Branch Operations Specialist


 ...conditions; Maintain updated information on van availability, reservations and guest communications; Verify and prepare vans after each booking; Handle complaints and specific customers’ requests and troubleshoot emergencies; Monitor stock and order depot supplies;... 
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Research Assistant - Doctoral student

University of Split - STIM-REI (Center of Excellence for Sci...

Research simulation in the field of nanoscale technology within the research activity IA: Catalysis for fuel cell propellant purification and hydrogen storage, in the cooperation with the project manager. Candidate is expected to maintain up to date laboratory records...
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Shipping Inventory Assistant

Mucci Int'l Mrktg Inc.

Job Responsibilities and Accountabilities: ~Locate and obtain product from inventory by use of specified allocation. ~Apply labels to obtained product. ~Complete PTI label verification document. ~Assist with checking product availability prior to scheduled shipment...
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for one executor for the position of the first type in the associate title and the appropriate position...


Applicants who apply to the competition, in addition to the conditions specified in the competition, must also meet the general conditions prescribed by the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education (NN 123/03, 198/03, 105/04, 174/04, 2/07 - Decision of the USRH,...
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